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Benefits Of Electronic Health Records

Time is long gone when hospitals used to have storages of paperwork containing information of patients. Technology has improved with time and the medical sector is one of the areas that have embraced the changes in technology positively. Patients information can now be handled with care after the invention of electronic health records. The use of electronic health records has helped practitioners to examine their patients more closely speeding up the treatment process. Also, the use of electronic health records has helped doctors keep close track of their patients’ recovery procedures ensuring a fast recovery. The importance of electronic health records are discussed in this article.

The first benefit of electronic health records is that they are cheap to store. Before the emergence of electronic health records, hospitals could store patient information on papers and physical files. The more the patients, the more the paperwork needed to be done. Storing information in physical files used so much of the space available in the office. It is essential to understand that electronic health records do not need physical space for storage purposes. Electronic health records are stored in compressed files and folders inside a computer. The use of electronic health records has cut down the costs of buying paper and files to store the information recorded.

It is safer to use electronic health records compared to using files for paperwork storages. Data stored in files can easily be damaged or interfered with. The privacy of information stored in a file is not guaranteed. It is also easy to lose data stored recorded on paper. Electronic health records are good because one can restrict their access using a password. It secures information from people without the password.

Thirdly, electronic records are easier to read and arrange compared to handling physical information on paper. It is challenging to arrange and access information stored on files. One can organize their electronic health records in a manner that they can easily access the data whenever needed. Information about any patient can be easily accessed by feeding their name or patient number into the computer. It helps to save on time that could have been spent looking for a specific patient in the files on the shelves.

It is easy to keep updating new information on patients on electronic health records. It will take some few minutes for a doctor to update any useful information to the folder containing the patients’ records. It is a convenient and efficient way of recording and storing patient data. It is safe when sharing information with either patients or clinicians electronically. Electronic health records help inefficient billing methods.

Therefore, the advantages of electronic health records are discussed in the article above.

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